Coaches and Buses

Very special occasions encourage you to use very special forms of transport. If more than a few people are involved in such an occasion then our brace of classic buses and coaches offers you that very special form of group transport.

For weddings Ages Past’s classic buses and coaches are used in two ways. They are either used to take guests from their homes or hotels to the service and then onto the reception or they do an early run to the service with the groom and his entourage followed by a second run with the bride and her party. After the service the two groups are combined for a sing song and a celebratory journey to the reception.

Our photogenic quartet of classic buses and coaches also serves well for family or parties, anniversaries and trips to the races or theatre and for all other ‘fun’ occasions.

Our Bedford classic buses and coaches originate in the 1940s. The single decker bus (1946, green and cream) can carry up to 28 passengers and the charabanc (1949, maroon and cream), the coach (1950, orange and cream) and the bus/coach (1949, scarlet and cream) can each carry up to 29 passengers. Click on the pictures above for more detailed information about these superb vehicles.

Because these beautiful, classic buses and coaches are zero rated for VAT the cost to you, the customer, is very similar to the cost of our cars. This means that these very special classic buses and coaches represent exceedingly good value for money in transporting larger groups of people. These iconic vehicles are almost sure to ring a bell with you. Conductors are welcome! Tickets please!

For cost details please see our vehicle pricing structure.