1932 Rolls Royce cabriolet 20/25 by Thrupp & Maberly

A recent addition to the Ages Past collection of vintage and historic vehicles is a beautiful, 1932 Rolls-Royce 20/25 cabriolet by Thrupp & Maberly. We were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to add this supremely elegant car to our stable, particularly because it is very rare; one of only five ever made.

Many brides want an open top Rolls-Royce for their wedding, particularly if the weather is warm and fine. The advantage of the cabriolet is that with the top down, the windows are still in position, which helps eliminate the draughts experienced with a completely open car. Cabriolets such as this have always been favoured by royalty and it is a very special car for a very special day.

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