1936 Daimler E20 limousine

This majestic car is the “Jewel in the Crown” of our collection.

Queen Mary had one identical to this in 1936; King George VI and Elizabeth the Queen Mother had one in 1939. Daimlers were the sole royal appointment cars up to 1950 and this magnificent 1936 example is very much in this tradition.

Space, comfort, luxury and visibility are all ever-present in this vehicle, together with a sunshine roof and a most beautiful midnight blue and black livery.

Hire this car and you will feel like a king or queen yourself. Sit on the original leather seats, now over seventy years old. See the original mahogany surrounds to the windows and dashboard, also over seventy years old. But a couple of amazing facts that most people fail to notice about this classic Daimler car are:

  1. Here is a car with no apparent name, no D motif and apparently nothing to tell you that this is a Royal Daimler. If you do not recognise the serrated (crenelated) radiator grill as indicating that this is a Royal Daimler, then that is your “peasant” ignorance!
  2. It is a car with no boot, no trunk, no luggage rack, no roof rack and no means of carrying anything whatsoever, other than personages! If royalty wanted certain goods at the other end of their journey, then these goods would have gone before or come after, but would certainly not travel with them!

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