1936 MG SA Coupé

This is the car that started Ages Past in 1978. Since then we have attended over 5000 weddings and other special occasions and the M.G. has performed at over 1000 of these events.

Too small to be a wedding car? Certainly not! In fact, it is 16′ 6″ long (that’s six inches longer than three of our Rolls-Royces) and it is a full four-seater. The record height for a gentleman to be a passenger in the rear seat is 6′ 8½” (1.83m) !!

The other amazing feature is the three-position, coup de ville, Tickford hood which you can see in its half and half position in the photographs below, but it has two other positions making it superbly flexible.

Of all our vehicles, this M.G. is the most sought-after by enthusiasts. It is chassis No. 2 – the oldest in the world. It is the actual Motor Show model for 1936 and is the only car in the world with all the Motor Show features on it. In recent years it has been a bridal car to enthusiasts in Dunstable, Maidstone, Luton, Tring, Fordingbridge, London and Southampton.

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