1949 Bedford OB “straight-liner” 29-seater bus/coach

This is the latest addition to Ages Past’s fleet of Bedford OBs.

Is it a bus? Is it a coach? Actually it is a bus/coach, as dictated by the government at the time, with seats midway between a bus and a coach.

This 29-seater started life with the South Notts Bus Company but was discovered in a poor condition in the 1990s. It underwent a full body-off restoration which brought it to the superb condition you see today.

This so-called “straightliner” (because it has lost the flared coachlines found on the other coaches) is zero-rated for VAT and all the same discounts apply.

We will be delighted to give you individual quotations to hire this glorious classic vehicle for fun trips to the races, the theatre, the seaside, London or any other happy occasion.

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