1950 Bedford OB Duple Vista 29 seater coach

Purchased for Ages Past in 2012 as the third Bedford OB in our fleet of vintage and historic vehicles; it complements the other Bedfords in the fleet.

In the splendid orange livery of Shamrock & Rambler, the long established Bournemouth coach operator, this new addition boasts an opening sunroof and original fittings as well as an immaculate interior, featuring deep upholstery with antimacassars. This vehicle will brighten up your wedding even on an overcast day.

The coach has enjoyed some minor improvements to make sure it is up to our standards, and has now been fully certified.

We will be delighted to give you individual quotations to hire this glorious classic coach for fun trips to the races, the theatre, the seaside, London or any other happy occasion.

For cost details please see our vehicle pricing structure.